Fibrelight emergency ladder

041narrow120824The SOLAS approved Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a strong and durable device for emergency disembarkation. The ladder is both lightweight and compact, and as a result is straightforward to deploy. Operated by a single person the ladder can be rolled out and ready for use in less than a minute. It can also be loaded in both directions.

The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a standard width of 600mm and is produced in lengths of 2 – 30metres. The ladder contains no metal parts and therefore is suitable for deployment on vessels and platforms with fire risks.

A 30-metre ladder weighs less than 25 kilograms. With a natural step action the double rung ladder is considerably easier and safer to use. The ladder is both faster to climb and more importantly to descend than a single rung ladder.

SOLAS Chapter III, 31.1.4 & MSC.1/Circ. 1243 requires that all cargo ships with more than 100m from stem or stern to the closest survival craft is required to carry remote lifeEm Ladder Carnival Trial 008 rafts and a means of disembarkation enabling descent to the water in a controlled manner. The use of a knotted rope is no longer approved. The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder has been designed and tested to meet this requirement and to offer a safer and easier disembarkation method.

When purchasing the Emergency Ladders additional extras are offered, these will assist the Emergency Ladders in the varying environments and multiple uses. The extras include, attachments slings, storage cabinets, ballast rungs and stand offs.

The ladders are constructed using carbon fibre rods enclosed in flanged tubular webbing. When the webbing tubes are fitted and sewn at right angles between the double thickness pockets of a second webbing, an incredibly strong structure is created. In this way the rod is fully supported within the vertical members of the ladder. ISO 799 strength test, as part of the SOLAS approval programme required successive rungs to be loaded to over 900kgs and sustained for one minute without failure. The ladder construction has also been tested and approved for thermal ageing,weathering, UV light, oil resistance and practical performance.

Patent Numbers: type approval

-GB – 2451127,

Patent Application no:- US 12/669084. Europe – EP2178743
Intellectual Property Office Registered Design 4028065.

Download data sheet: Fibrelight Emergency Ladder

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