The RA6000 Talon is an ergonomically designed audio ancillary, featuring four Press-To-Talk (PTT) buttons, enabling easy connectivity with up to two radios, a vehicle intercom system, and vehicle radio.

The user is provided with connection to and audio management of the communication systems on different transportation platforms. It also ensures that the user has the flexibility to connect to a wide range of communication sources simultaneously i.e. multiple radios or platform intercommunication systems.
Features & Benefits
Headset Choices

  • Supports circumaural, inner-aural, less overt and low noise headsets
  • Supports binaural and monaural headsets
  • Supports dynamic and electret transducers
  • Headset type automatic detected and configured
  • Talk-Through option supported

Power Requirements

  • Can power from connected Radios
  • Can power from connected Intercom
  • Can operate from a 1.5V standard AA battery
  • Battery life more than 100 hours of operation
  • Fail-safe mode enables Radio 1 Comms even when battery exhausted

Clear Communications

  • Simultaneous monitoring of three audio devices
  • Adjustable communications receive volume
  • Adjustable Talk-Through volume, up to +12dB gain
  • Enhanced intelligibility

Hearing Protection

  • Advanced passive and ANR hearing protection
  • Good protection against continuous and impulse noise
  • Communications receive volume dynamically limited to safe levels
  • Talk-Through dynamically limited to safe levels
  • Dynamic limiter actively prevents loss of intelligibility
  • Battery powered ANR for use while exiting vehicle


  • Intuitive user interface – simple to use
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Left and right handed use – reversible without using tools
  • Tactile PTT buttons, usable with gloved hands
  • Hands-free monitoring of three audio devices
  • All plugs are quick-disconnect breakaway


  • Software upgrade supported via programming cable
  • Software adjustable sensitivity and audio gain
  • Adaptable to suit future radio and intercom platforms


  • Rugged military grade plastic housing, lightweight
  • Hermetically sealed and IP68 rated
  • Dust sealing caps provided for additional protection
  • Battery compartment remains sealed, even if cover is open
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-810 F
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-461E


  • Compatible with carbon, dynamic and electret based communications platforms
  • Compatible with all commonly used radio platforms
  • Compatible with all commonly used intercom platforms
  • Wide range of appropriate interface cables are available


  • Mounted and dismounted operators

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