Stationary Power

The Challengestationaere_stromversorgung3Provide reliable back-up power with an energy solution that is easily handled and requires hardly any maintenance.

The Solution

Cluster up to 8 EFOY Pro fuel cells and hybridize these with batteries.

The Benefitsstationaere_stromversorgung1

  • Increased runtime and autonomy: Autonomy for up to 5 days with enough time to resolve the power outage problem.
  • Lightweight: EFOY Pro fuel cells are lightweight. This eliminates the need of keeping large and heavy batteries (up to 2.5 t per transceiver station) for emergencies, easing installation and handling processes.
  • Easily installed and handled: An EFOY Pro fuel cell is compact and lightweight and can easily be integrated into existing cabinets. Once installed the only service that is needed from time to time is a cartridge exchange, which the fuel cell will communicate way ahead; EFOY Pro can be remote controlled, making extra trips to the site unnecessary.

EFOY Pro supplies reliable off-grid power at remote sites while reducing logistics cost.

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