Harris to buy Exelis

In an unexpected turn of events Harris corp. has announced the acquisition of Exelis inc. As the representative of Exelis night vision and communication solutions in the Netherlands it is too early to tell what the impact will be, but opportunities may well be on the horizon.

Add-Mission’s involvement in PROMISE

The NL MoD in its latest publication “Materieel Gezien” features an article on the PROMISE program. Add-Mission was involved in this program which investigated the advantages of smart phone application to the dismounted soldier. Add-Mission contributed to the program by offering solutions for the ‘man – smart phone’ interface and supplying additional sensors and mounting solutions to the smart phone.

Product demonstration SFC’s methanol fuel cells, 13th feb.

On the 13th of February 2015 Add-Mission is hosting a product demonstration of SFC Energy‘s methanol fuel cell solutions. Methanol fuel cells are highly efficient and offer a large power output. The SFC fuel cells are ideal for out of area operations or as an alternative power source. The product demonstration is open to military personnel and first responders. For details please contact us:


Add-Mission introduces the Sonim XP7.

Yesterday Add-Mission introduced the Sonim XP7 during the end presentation of the RNLA PROMISE program. Add-Mission actively participated in this program which researched the opportunities the use of smartphones could bring to the dismounted soldier.

The XP7 is an Android smartphone with an exceptional battery life and comes with the ruggedness that Sonim is famous for.

For sales inquiries please contact us.



Add-Mission delivers straps to the RNAF

Following the award of a major procurement contract Add-Mission delivers the first batch of tie down slings to secure the NH-90 helicopter to the ship decks of all Dutch naval vessels equipped with a landing deck.

The lashings have specially designed hooks to fit all the various types of lashing points present on deck.

The lashings are the result of a 2 year design and development process with both Royal Netherlands Air Force and Navy.

For more information please contact us.

Advert in the next issue of the ‘Genist’

Following Add-Mission’s exhibition at the opening of the NTC on the 25th of September the following advert will be published in the next issue of the’ Genist’. The official magazine of the NL Engineer Corps.

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