Portable Power

Energy on the go with your own portable power grid. Add-Mission will be displaying various methanol fuel cells at the NIDV symposium on the 19th in Rotterdam. The combination of a fuel cell and power manager will allow you to charge multiple batteries and power equipment at the same time.  jenny_pm_grafik_0

Add-Mission launches Elite at NIDV symposium

On the 19th of November during the NIDV symposium in Rotterdam, Add-Mission will be launching Esterline Communication Systems’ new in-ear headset and radio PTT switch box Elite, a world premier.

Elite offers:

• Hearing protection in high-noise environments through innovative acoustically tuned passive attenuation to provide protection against continuous noise and sudden acoustic shock.

• High-fidelity local sound awareness and clear, intelligible communications.

• Quick, adaptable fitting: unit can be put on in seconds.

• Long-term user comfort, thanks to a unique vented earpiece design, three headset-wearing options, and a wide choice of shallow-insertion earbuds.

• Quick connection to radios, intercoms, and smart phones.

• Continuous monitoring of up to four communication channels and immediate access to any of them through four press-to-transmit (PTT) buttons for clear speech transmission.

Visit us at stand number: 4.127 Elite

Add-Mission at Purple Nectar

Today and tomorrow Add-Mission will be exhibiting at Purple Nectar. An NL MoD led exercises offering industry to show new capabilities and innovative products. Featured in our stand are SFC’s methanol fuel cells, Esterline’s radio switchboxes and headsets and Sonim ruggadized smartphones. 


Add-Mission’s cargo straps certified by EASA

Add-Mission’s 1.500 LBS and 10.000 LBS cargo straps are already in use with the RNLAF and recently were certified by EASA. The certification meets the requirement of the NL Military Airworthiness Authority that all cargo straps within the RNLAF must be EASA certified.

Add-Mission fitting CME’s for NL CBRN units

Today Add-Mission is fitting the CBRN units with Custom Moulder Ear pieces (CME). The CME will be attached to the Frontier in-ear headsets supplied by Add-Mission, which enable the unit members to communicate clearly over the radio while wearing their resperator masks and protective clothing. 


Add-Mission supplies air cargo pallets to the RNLAF

Add-Mission receives an order from the Royal Netherlands Air Force for an additional delivery of HCU-6/E air cargo pallets previously supplied under a tender contract. Manufactured in Germany the pallets are of the highest quality, light weight and easily repairable.


Add-Mission introduces the Therm-App

Therm-App™ transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring long-range night vision and high-resolution thermography. Ideal for military and first responders. Therm-App will be available in our webstore shortly or contact us for information.


RA5001 Raptor headsets for motorized units Royal Netherlands Army

Following a long evaluation period the Royal Netherlands Army selected the RA5001 Raptor headset for use within the soft top vehicles of their motorized units. The Raptor headset offers hearing protection foremost to the vehicle commander and driver who are situated close to the barrel of the main weapon mounted in the rear of the vehicle.  The Raptor headset is already widely in use within the NL Armed Forces and can be connected to various intercom and PTT systems fielded.

Add-Mission delivers NH-90 interface lashings

Following the award of a major procurement contract Add-Mission recently delivered interface lashings to the Royal Netherlands Navy and Air Force. The interface lashings will secure the NH-90 helicopter to all Navy ships equipped with a helicopter deck. As the lashing points on these decks have various dimensions, part of the contract was the design and production of a universal hook that will fit to all lashing points.