OverviewRA5000 Raptor-25 Communication Headset

The RA5000 Raptor headset has been designed specifically for use in tactical wheeled vehicles where highly intelligible communications are essential over extended periods of time. The Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology employed by the RA5000 Raptor is very effective at reducing the unwanted noise generated in these vehicles, especially when travelling at medium to high speeds.

Key Features

  • Passive and Active Noise Reduction. NRR greater than 22dB(A)
  • Racal Acoustics Electronic Talk-Through (Single, internal ‘AA’ battery)
  • Napeband ‘around-the-neck’ or Headband ‘over-the-head’ attachments
  • Environmentally qualified to military standards
  • Certified to operate in electromagnetic field strengths up to 50v/m
  • Reversible noise cancelling microphone & switchbox
  • Separate input for respirator microphone
  • Compatible with a wide range of Vehicle Intercom Systems


The RA5000 Raptor Series of headsets are not simply an evolution in military headset design but are more of a paradigm shift in concept and approach.

The aspects of quality, highly intelligible speech for both received and transmitted communications, reliability and ruggedness were prerequisites for a new product design by Racal Acoustics. But for this product, military personnel (the end user) had specifically cited comfort and compatibility with existing equipment such as small arms and ballistic protective equipment as top priorities.

Each component within the headset is a new design, incorporating the vast experience that Racal has developed exclusively within the military communications arena.

The acoustic ear shells have been designed not only to be compatible with the Advance Combat Helmet (ACH) but to provide the highest achievable level of acoustic performance integrity. The benefit of this is that it has been possible to reduce the force which the headset clamps to the users head resulting in a much more comfortable experience.

The ear cushions employ a new type of gel / foam technology that moulds to the shape of the users profile and even permits the wearing of ballistic protective eyewear without compromising the performance of the headset.

The majority of the electronic components are located off-the head within the switchbox. The components that remain include the transducers required for communications and ANR within the ear shell and the external Talk-Through microphones – yielding a lower on-the-head weight.

The external talk-through microphones are mounted on the reversible cable assembly to which the noise cancelling boom microphone is attached. These Talk-Through microphones are positioned so that they are very effective at picking up external ‘sounds’. The user is able to very easily determine the direction of this sound, providing localized situational awareness, without having to remove the headset. This minimizes the potential of missing important communication traffic.

Ordering Information

Raptor has ANR and Talk Through as standard and all headsets are terminated in an AP107BRS bailout plug.  They require a suitably wired matching bailout cable in order to connect to the vehicle intercom. The microphone is an amplified noise canceling dynamic type and is fitted by default to the left hand earshell but can be swapped to the right hand side locally if required.  There are two choices of head wear i.e. Nape (neck) band over-the-head Headband.

Products are available for use with AN/VIC-1, TOCNET, LVIS and RoVIS, SOTAS M2, FONET

Pre-Configured with Napeband:

  • RA5000/1/0025 suitable for AN/VIC-1, TOCNET, LVIS and RoVIS intercom systems
  • RA5000/1/2025 suitable for SOTAS M2 & FONET intercom systems

Pre-Configured with Headband:-

  • RA5000/2/0025 As above
  • RA5000/2/2025 As above

Headband Conversion Kit (to convert the headset from Napeband to Headband), with instructions.

Napeband Conversion Kit (to convert the headset from Headband to Napeband), with instructions.

Strap Conversion Kit. To be announced.

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