The RA5001 Binaural Raptor circumaural headset is the culmination of multiple design improvements, from 6 years of user’s operational feedback, adding on to the hugely successful RA5000 Raptor Headset. The environmental and electromagnetic compatibility has been upgraded in line with the most challenging specifications (MIL-STG 810G & 461F).

It is designed for use with the next generation binaural commercial and military intercoms systems in wheeled vehicles, shelters and tactical operations centres. Raptor combines binaural communication, hearing protection and situational awareness in to a lightweight, comfortable and extremely rugged design. The PTT unit removes the headboard weight and allows the user to select between microphone, listen only and radio communication.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Hearing Protection: Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for low-frequency vehicle noise and Passive Noise Reduction for impulse noise; a unique adjustable strap allows users to increase the PNR when desired.
  • Communications intelligibility: Clear monaural or binaural high quality speech communications from radios and intercoms.
  • Situational Awareness: Selectable talk-through, powered by one AA battery or by vehicle intercom to save batteries. Independent binaural compression technology reduces impulse noise to a safe level but still allows the user to hear ambient sounds.
  • Equipment Compatibility: Fits comfortably under current ballistic helmets including the ACH, LWC and the Mark 7. The ear cup design ensures an unobstructed cheek-to-stock weld when operating small arms, with no interference with body armour collars. Improved MOLLE compatibility with large reversible equipment clip.
  • Testing: MIL-STD-810G including imersibility of 1m for 30 minutes and an anti ferrous microphone. MIL-STD 461F allows clear operation in even the most hostile electromagnetic environment.
  • Power: Intercom powered when attached. Batteries allow situational awareness capability when disconnected. Automatic reversionary mode allows the headset to work without power.
  • Training: No training required for general operation.
  • Comfort: Designed for long duration missions, minimal clamping force and field replicable ear cushions ensure comfort throughout product life.
  • Other: M-116/G microphone port when using the M40 and M50 series protective masks, swappable boom.


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