RA3185 Modular Cobra Lightweight Headset

Our RA3185 Modular Cobra headset is designed for dismounted use in low-noise environments, where hearing protection is not required, providing unimpaired situational awareness. The standard configuration is a single-sided earphone with a boom microphone. EMC capable, rugged, and waterproof, the RA3185 headset is designed to withstand rough handling in a military environment.

Features and BenefitsENDEAVOUR018

  • Highly adaptable to specific mission requirements, with choice of left or right microphone-boom position, head-fixing accessories, pressel controls, and more
  • Clear monaural high-quality speech communications from radios; wind-shielded noise-canceling microphone standard
  • Simplified design with no hearing protection for complete situational awareness in low-noise environments
  • Compatible with most types of hearing protection and a wide range of headgear and ballistic helmets, including the US Army ACH, USMC LWH, PASGT, and MICH
  • Flexible shape and light weight plus choice of headstraps, ear cushions and platforms, and helmet clips for comfort, fit, and stability

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