OverviewRA315 Integrated Helmet System

 The RA315 is integrating communication headset and helmet. It is suitable for Combat Vehicle Crew applications.

Key Features

  • High noise attenuation circa 35 dB with ANR
  • Talk-Through
  • Choice of soft liner and ballistic shell
  • New, improved earcushions
  • Retrofitable digital ANR


The RA315 may be configured for all the popular intercom systems that support ANR, which leads to improved speech intelligibility and hearing protection for crew, a given in high noise vehicles.

A choice of soft liners offer excellent bump protection and ventilation, and depending on choice of liner, the headset may be configured with or without a neckband spring, which ensures an optimum fit and maximum comfort.

The liner supports a choice of removeable outer ballistic shell that can be removed and stowed when the vehicle is closed down and may be bump only or ‘ballistic’ with a choice of size, color and rating (400-650, V50 rating).

Appropriate EMC shielding measures ensure protection to radiated field strengths up to 50V/m; important for crew in a head-out situation, close to radio antennae.


The RA315 may be used in Main Battle Tanks, AFV’s and other tracked, high noise vehicles. It is also suitable (without ANR) for ground crew requiring head protection.

Ordering Information

 The RA315 is a flexible three part system comprising the headset (based on the RA180 Crewgard), and a choice of both soft liner and outer shell. Most configurations offer ANR and talk through as standard and will support a variety of intercoms from the leading suppliers.

In some existing configurations the outer shell is an optional item and depending upon the soft liner specified, there may/may not be a neckband spring fitted as standard.

The following are some of the most popular ready-configured variants:-

  • RA315/XXXX
  • RA315/YYYY
  • RA315/ZZZZ

Please remember that an existing RA180 variant may meet your electro-acoustic requirements and they could be upgraded to an RA315-style by adding a soft liner and outer shell.

Optional soft liners and chinstraps (ordered separately)

  • 559870 unisize, black (note that a neckband must be fitted)
  • 565724/S-M (51-56 cm) or 565724/M-L (56-64 cm), black (the neckband may be removed but note that the chinstrap must be secured to gain maximum noise attenuation performance)
  • 553435 chinstrap & 553436 buckle (both items required)
  • 559865 one piece chincup and strap

Optional Outer Shell (requires a soft liner)

  • 25801 series. Non-ballistic, unisize, olive drab or desert sand
  • 29115 series. Low, medium or high ballistic (V50) rating ranging from 430-650 m/s. Wider choice of color and size

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