The i-Combat Infantry headset is based on the in-service British Army RA195 Combat. The headset has proven acoustic performance capable of meeting the latest health & safety legislation in high noise levels such as those found in V430 and Warrior vehicles.

Features, Benefits & Application

Modified electronics for operation with the UK Bowman System

  • Noise tracking, voice operated switch (VOS) essential for speech intelligibility when operating with ‘live mic’, particularly in head-out (windy) situations

New ear cushion materials

  • Specifically designed for optimum noise attenuation and comfort
  • Improves comfort leading to reduced fatigue on long missions
  • No leaking or hardening which can otherwise degrade the acoustic seal
  • Easily retrofitable during routine maintenance

Flexible microphone boom arm

  • Easier to position than the in-service articulated boom arm
  • More robust and less prone to damage
  • Improved microphone housing
  • Retrofitable

New microphone insert

  • Better noise cancelling properties
  • Prevents even more background noise from entering the communication system
  • Leads to better speech intelligibility

Modified ANR module

  • Typical 2-3 dB improvement
  • Improved speech intelligibility, reduces noise exposure and fatigue
  • Retro fittable

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