The RA108 was designed to meet the communication and hearing protection needs of U.S. mechanised infantry in tracked vehicles. Close fitting PASGT-style ballistic helmets still continue to pose a ‘noise reduction’ challenge in these high noise vehicles.

 Key Features

  • Passive and ANR versions
  • Talk-Through
  • Compatible with close fitting ballistic helmets
  • Removable microphone boom arm
  • New, comfort improved earcushions
  • Versions for most popular intercom systems


 ANR in combination with the passive noise attenuation afforded by the RA108’s earshell mean excellent speech intelligibility and hearing protection, the latter, despite its slimline nature. The ability to wear the headset with even the most close fitting ballistic helmet is a direct consequence of that slimline form.

A neckband connecting the earcups allows the headset to be donned & doffed without removing the ballistic helmet; vital when exiting a vehicle under fire.

The Talk-Through facility means that normal face-to-face conversation can be had without having to remove the headset.


Since it was originally fielded in the U.S., the RA108 is being used elsewhere including Canada, Australia, Austria and Spain for infantry commander and passenger applications, in both tracked and wheeled APCs.

Ordering Information

Versions configured for AN/VIC-3 (aka VIS)

  • RA108/1001
  • RA108/1003
  • RA108/1005
  • RA108/1007

Versions configured for MeshNET (aka Clansman, Bowman)

  • RA108/1148- Configured for IRIS (Canadian DND)

Versions configured for SOTAS M1 (aka Classic)

Versions configured for SOTAS M2

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