The RA101 Jetgard aviation headset was created for the professional user in helicopter and fixed wing aircraft applications where clarity of communications, reliability and comfort are so important.

Key Features

  • Light-weight moulded earshells
  • Optional Active Noise Reduction available
  • Polyurethane-covered earpads for comfort
  • Light-weight sprung headband to ensure pressure optimum


The Jetgad incorporates light-weight moulded earshels to provide a high level of passive noise attenuation, particularly at the low frequencies which cause communications problems. Foams dampers located inside the earshell provide the necessary acoustic filtering to ensure that the headset attenuation performance and communication response are optimised across the audio band of frequencies.

The Jetgard can be fitted with high power earphone transducers for improved reception. A range of noise cancelling microphone is available and a range of microphone boom arms is also available to suit operational requirements.  Jetgard can also be supplied with a throat microphone which can be particularly effective in high noise environments.


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