Add-Mission offers a wide range of fastening solutions to retain air cargo in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Over the years Add-Mission, in co-operation with its design and production partner GPI Forankra, delivered many custom solutions, like the fire containment cover and 10.000LBS strap. All products meet the highest military aviation standards and in some cases also the civilian/ EASA standards. Add-Mission is a supplier to the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Helicopter Command.

Below is a selection of products we are able to deliver. If you have any specific design requirements please do let us know.


Helicopter tie down strap


Tiedown straps


Cargo net for HCU-6 pallet  (NSN: 1670-14-563-2143)


Top pallet net  HCU-15/C (NSN: 1670-14-536-6275)

Top pallet net

Side pallet net HCU-15/C (NSN: 1670-14-536-6277)Side pallet net

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