Add-Mission launches Elite at NIDV symposium

On the 19th of November during the NIDV symposium in Rotterdam, Add-Mission will be launching Esterline Communication Systems’ new in-ear headset and radio PTT switch box Elite, a world premier.

Elite offers:

• Hearing protection in high-noise environments through innovative acoustically tuned passive attenuation to provide protection against continuous noise and sudden acoustic shock.

• High-fidelity local sound awareness and clear, intelligible communications.

• Quick, adaptable fitting: unit can be put on in seconds.

• Long-term user comfort, thanks to a unique vented earpiece design, three headset-wearing options, and a wide choice of shallow-insertion earbuds.

• Quick connection to radios, intercoms, and smart phones.

• Continuous monitoring of up to four communication channels and immediate access to any of them through four press-to-transmit (PTT) buttons for clear speech transmission.

Visit us at stand number: 4.127 Elite

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